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Call us (765) 221-9470 to place your to go/pickup order over the phone; you must pay with credit card when placing the order over phone. Or come in and order to go! Come try our coffee, lattes, teas, cookies, scones, waffles, omelets & more!
[General wait times 15 - 20 minutes.}

reviews from guests

muffins & stickers

Melanie H.

invited pendleton

"Love how they've remodeled the building to make it feel light and inviting while also maintaining the historic feel. I took my son over the weekend and we had a scone (seriously delicious), hot chocolate, and a latte. The staff was so friendly, helpful and welcoming and everything we ordered was really good, especially the latte. The upstairs area had games on the shelf and a nice view of town, while the outside dining looks perfect for warmer days. Going back soon to try the chicken and waffles."

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