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waffled grilled cheese w/ homemade tomato soup

berry breakfast waffle

caprese salad w/ homemade spicy balsamic dressing

homemade cinnamon roll & drip coffee

bae omelet w/ homemade picante sauce

homemade raspberry white chocolate scone

crumb cake muffins w/ a cinnamon latte

chocolate nana waffle w/ homemade chocolate sauce & syrup

simply waffled w/ blueberries

homemade raspberry white chocolate scone

homemade chicken salad on salad & a hazelnut latte

homemade maple almond scone

bpt salad w/ homemade creamy basil dressing

our lattes are made with homemade syrups

homemade cinnamon roll

iced blueberry hibiscus & iced daydream believer teas

benedict florentine omelet w/ homemade bechamel

bae waffle

gluten-friendly waffle & blueberry lemon muffins

lavender matcha latte

mini maple bacon waffle

chicken salad wrap w/ homemade ranch

gluten-friendly simply waffled w/ chocolate chips & homemade whipped cream

homemade chocolate chip cookies & a mocha latte

snickerdoodle cookie & hazelnut latte

razzle dazzle waffle w/ homemade raspberry puree & whipped cream

banana chocolate chip muffin

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